Comfort, 2019

Installation view, exhibited at Comfort, a two person exhibition with Caimin Walsh, facilitated by Anywhere Projects, at 47 Catherine st, Limerick.

Emergency foil blankets, red, blue, green lights, one way mirror film, voile fabric, aroma diffuser, lavender oil, benches, sound piece.

About Comfort

The title Comfort alludes to both artists’ investigations into ideas of removal from a normative state of being. Walsh and Barker have distinct practices yet it is in these considerations where their work finds common ground. While Walsh’s process directly deals with the idea of making as an inherently cathartic action, Barker’s work arises from a tension between an apprehension and fascination for that which lies beyond our comfortable state.

About Anywhere Projects

Anywhere Projects, founded by Caimin Walsh, is a new initiative devised to promote and showcase visual art, music and performance in unconventional spaces. AP aims to utilise disused and unconventional spaces across the city in the hopes of igniting conversations surrounding issues of space use, availability and potential in Limerick and in Ireland more generally.