Transmission I, 2019

Installation view, exhibited at spacecraft Artists’ Studios’ Inaugural Group Members Show, at 47 Catherine st, Limerick.

Mirror, one way mirror film, projected video, gold pallet, beanbag, voile fabric.

About the Work

Transmission I is an installation which encourages the viewer to interact with the work by engaging through their body. Within the piece, there are two objects for the participant to lie on. One is a large squishy beanbag, from which, the viewer can watch the dancing light refractions, which are a result of a projection distorted through mirrored surfaces. The projected video is made up of downloaded, royalty free clips. Each clip contains commercial, idealised and oversimplified depictions of gender typical and able-bodied bodies, with no personal complexity. Each clip is introduced by the reductive title given to it online. In order to watch the video in its original state, the viewer must lie passively on a hard wooden pallet, which has been painted gold.

About spacecraft

spacecraft is an affordable, non-profit contemporary art studio in Limerick
city. It was set up in 2017, by graduates of Limerick School of Art and Design and is centrally located beside the Milk Market. The space facilitates eight artists working in a variety of disciplines, in an open plan studio and is specifically aimed at emerging artists.

For further information, or email Social media links: @spacecraft.limerick