Visible/Invisible, 2018

Installation view, exhibited at Peak Show, curated by Sara Dowling and Ellen Egan, at The Sailor’s Home, Limerick.

 Emergency foil blankets, red, blue, green light, one way mirror film. 

About the Work

This installation consists of four sheets of mylar foil arranged in a square and suspended from the ceiling. Inside hangs a two meter strip of one way mirror film with an RGB light directly above it. The mirror film will spin as a result of the movement of the viewer. When inside the installation the viewer is confronted with distorted images of themselves in different colours, constantly shifting and changing. One way mirror film is both reflective and transparent, depending on the placement of light. This means the viewer will be able to see themselves in the mirror’s reflection but will also be able to see anyone who may be on the other side of the mirror. If the viewer ventures outside and to the back of the installation, they will discover that in the darkness they can see through the mylar walls. They will be able to see people, experiencing their own distorted reflections, but those inside the piece will not be able to see out. This realisation will change the viewers experience of the space, should they decide to re-enter the installation.